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From Hendrik Haddorp <>
Subject Re: Mesos persistent volumes as Docker volumes
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20:25:04 GMT
Basically the same issue was actually reported recently in MESOS-3413
[1]. The discussion in there resulted in a code change in the Mesos
framework for ArangoDB [2]. One first has to create a volume with some
container path and then add a volume to the ContainerInfo when launching
the docker container that uses the same path as host path for the
volume. Now the container path needs to be absolute, like /data. Files
that are now being created below /data show up in the persistent volume
and newly launched containers with the same mapping can reuse the data.
Not that obvious in my opinion but it works :-)


p.s.: looks like jira is currently down ...

On 23/06/16 16:56, Hendrik Haddorp wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to write a Mesos framework that should create persistent
> volumes and then start a Docker container that uses this. So far I was
> able to dynamically reserve resources (cpu, memory and disk) and create
> a persistent volume in the reserved disk space. I'm also able to launch
> a Docker container. I just can't figure out how to connect these
> correctly. I either get told that some fields are not set correctly, end
> up with mounting a path on the host system or nothing at all seems to
> happen.
> Would be nice if somebody could show how a TaskInfo protobuf would need
> to get filled to achieve this.
> thanks,
> Hendrik

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