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From Ken Sipe <>
Subject Re: Mesos on hybrid AWS&DC - Best practices?
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2016 16:41:01 GMT
I would suggest a cluster on AWS and a cluster on-prem.    Then tooling on top to manage between
the 2.
It is unlikely that a failure of a task on-prem should have a scheduled replacement on AWS
or vise versa.    It is likely that you will end up creating constraints to statically partition
the clusters anyway IMO. 
2 Clusters eliminates most of your proposed questions.


> On Jun 30, 2016, at 10:57 AM, Florian Pfeiffer <> wrote:
> Hi,
> the last 2 years I managed a mesos cluster with bare-metal on-premise. Now at my new
company, the situation is a little bit different, and I'm wondering if there are some kind
of best practices:
> The company is in the middle of a transition from on-premise to AWS. The old stuff is
still running in the DC, the newer micro services are running within autoscales groups on
AWS and other AWS services like DynamoDB, Kinesis and Lambda are also on the rise. 
> So in my naive view of the world (where no problems occur..... never!) I'm thinking that
it would be great to span a hybrid mesos cluster over AWS&DC to leverage the still available
resources in the DC which gets more and more underutilized over the time. 
> Now my naive world view slowly crumbles, and I realize that I'm missing the experience
with AWS. Questions that are already popping up (beside all those Questions, where I currently
don't know that I will have them...) are:
> * Is Virtual Private Gateway to my VPC enough, or do I need to aim for a Direct Connect?
> * Put everything into one Account, or use a Multi-Account strategy? (Mainly to prevent
things running amok and drag stuff down while running into an account wide shared limit?)
> * Will e.g. DynamoDb be "fast" enough if it's accessed from the Datacenter.
> I'll appreciate any feedback or lessons learned about that topic :)
> Thanks,
> Florian

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