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From james <>
Subject Re: 1.0 Release Candidate
Date Wed, 25 May 2016 17:57:10 GMT
On 05/25/2016 10:52 AM, Vinod Kone wrote:
> Hi folks,
> As discussed in the previous community sync, we plan to cut a release
> candidate for our next release (1.0) early next week.
> 1.0 is mainly centered around new APIs for Mesos. Please take a look at
> MESOS-338 <> for blocking
> issues. We got some great design and testing feedback for the v1
> scheduler and executor APIs. Please do the same for the in-progress v1
> operator API
> <>.
> Since this is a 1.0, we would like to do the release a little differently.
> First, the voting period for vetting the release candidate would be a
> few weeks (2-3 weeks) instead of the typical 3 days.
> Second, we are wiling to make major changes (scalability fixes, API
> fixes) if there are any issues reported by the community.
> We are doing these because we really want the community to thoroughly
> test the 1.0 release and give feedback.

Exciting announcement! I have not updated the gentoo ebuilds (packages) 
for some time. Perhaps some pre-releases of 1.0, so I can work through
all the raw compilation issues, at least for a 100% source build for 
gentoo, as the community and devs work on the rest of the stabilization 
issues?  pre-release would mostly be to work through builds from 100% 
source, so it would not matter how things change on the pathway to the 
official releases for 1.0.

This work would likely benefit platform building up from 100 % sources 
and it would therefore be an excellent effort is anyone wanted to do the 
same on a linux distro other than gentoo, or on a new hardware platform, 
such as arm64v8. I would be willing to work on the arm64v8 source 
builds, with anyone interested, as I'm currently looking for a
low cost virtual host to work on those 64 bit arm source-builds; speak 
up if anyone has a recommendation for hosted arm64v8 hardware.

Additionally, if others are interested in Mesos for HPC, now would be an 
excellent time to bring forth any bugs or issues related to using mesos 
for HPC (low latency) clusters.


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