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From Scott Kinney <>
Subject Cannot pull from private docker v1 registry
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 21:29:03 GMT
I have a valid .dockercfg credential file on the slave that I pass as a uri in the marathon
app definition like...

  "uris": [


it fails. 
Mesos sandbox stderr...

I0517 21:45:04.104918  5512 fetcher.cpp:424] Fetcher Info: {"cache_directory":"\/tmp\/mesos\/fetch\/slaves\/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-S454","items":[{"action":"BYPASS_CACHE","uri":{"cache":false,"executable":false,"extract":false,"value":"file:\/\/\/root\/.dockercfg"}}],"sandbox_directory":"\/tmp\/mesos\/slaves\/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-S454\/frameworks\/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-0000\/executors\/gridservice.9d35ca3e-1c78-11e6-8664-0242472674ba\/runs\/9c650d01-127c-416b-a00b-5ad09409c76e"}
I0517 21:45:04.106462  5512 fetcher.cpp:379] Fetching URI 'file:///root/.dockercfg' I0517
21:45:04.106475  5512 fetcher.cpp:250] Fetching directly into the sandbox directory I0517
21:45:04.106487  5512 fetcher.cpp:187] Fetching URI 'file:///root/.dockercfg' I0517 21:45:04.106499
 5512 fetcher.cpp:167] Copying resource with command:cp '/root/.dockercfg' '/tmp/mesos/slaves/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-S454/frameworks/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-0000/executors/gridservice.9d35ca3e-1c78-11e6-8664-0242472674ba/runs/9c650d01-127c-416b-a00b-5ad09409c76e/.dockercfg'
I0517 21:45:04.107993  5512 fetcher.cpp:456] Fetched 'file:///root/.dockercfg' to '/tmp/mesos/slaves/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-S454/frameworks/cf607b5a-b629-46f1-a053-0659b78c4231-0000/executors/gridservice.9d35ca3e-1c78-11e6-8664-0242472674ba/runs/9c650d01-127c-416b-a00b-5ad09409c76e/.dockercfg

Marathon debug says it can't authenticate. I can pull manually on the slave with this credential
Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

Scott Kinney | DevOps 
stem   |   m  510.282.1299 
100 Rollins Road, Millbrae, California 94030  

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