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From Daniel Osborne <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Release Apache Mesos 0.28.0 (rc2)
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 21:59:10 GMT
+1 (non-binding)

Ran `sudo make check` on Centos 7. All tests passed.

Also ran some runtime tests with unified containerizer launching docker images and regular
mesos tasks, as well as some tasks using the docker containerizer. All working as expected


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From: Vinod Kone [] 
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 12:46 PM
To: dev <>; user <>
Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache Mesos 0.28.0 (rc2)

Hi all,

Please vote on releasing the following candidate as Apache Mesos 0.28.0.

0.28.0 includes the following:


Release Notes - Mesos - Version 0.28.0


This release contains the following new features:

  * [MESOS-4343] - A new cgroups isolator for enabling the net_cls subsystem in

    Linux. The cgroups/net_cls isolator allows operators to provide network

    performance isolation and network segmentation for containers within a Mesos

    cluster. To enable the cgroups/net_cls isolator, append `cgroups/net_cls` to

    the `--isolation` flag when starting the slave. Please refer to

    docs/ for more details.

  * [MESOS-4687] - The implementation of scalar resource values (e.g., "2.5

    CPUs") has changed. Mesos now reliably supports resources with up to three

    decimal digits of precision (e.g., "2.501 CPUs"); resources with more than

    three decimal digits of precision will be rounded. Internally, resource math

    is now done using a fixed-point format that supports three decimal digits of

    precision, and then converted to/from floating point for input and output,

    respectively. Frameworks that do their own resource math and manipulate

    fractional resources may observe differences in roundoff error and numerical


  * [MESOS-4479] - Reserved resources can now optionally include "labels".

    Labels are a set of key-value pairs that can be used to associate metadata

    with a reserved resource. For example, frameworks can use this feature to

    distinguish between two reservations for the same role at the same agent

    that are intended for different purposes.

  * [MESOS-2840] - **Experimental** support for container images in Mesos

    containerizer (a.k.a. Unified Containerizer). This allows frameworks to

    launch Docker/Appc containers using Mesos containerizer without relying on

    docker daemon (engine) or rkt. The isolation of the containers is done using

    isolators. Please refer to docs/ for currently supported

    features and limitations.

  * [MESOS-4793] - **Experimental** support for v1 Executor HTTP API. This

    allows executors to send HTTP requests to the /api/v1/executor agent

    endpoint without the need for an executor driver. Please refer to

    docs/ for more details.

  * [MESOS-4370] Added support for service discovery of Docker containers that

    use Docker Remote API v1.21.

Additional API Changes:

  * [MESOS-4066] - Agent should not return partial state when a request is made to /state
endpoint during recovery.

  * [MESOS-4547] - Introduce TASK_KILLING state.

  * [MESOS-4712] - Remove 'force' field from the Subscribe Call in v1 Scheduler API.

  * [MESOS-4591] - Change the object of ReserveResources and CreateVolume ACLs to `roles`.

  * [MESOS-3583] - Add stream IDs for HTTP schedulers.

  * [MESOS-4427] - Ensure ip_address in state.json (from NetworkInfo) is valid

The CHANGELOG for the release is available at:;a=blob_plain;f=CHANGELOG;hb=0.28.0-rc2


The candidate for Mesos 0.28.0 release is available at:

The tag to be voted on is 0.28.0-rc2:;a=commit;h=0.28.0-rc2

The MD5 checksum of the tarball can be found at:

The signature of the tarball can be found at:

The PGP key used to sign the release is here:

The JAR is up in Maven in a staging repository here:

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache Mesos 0.28.0!

The vote is open until Wed Mar 16 15:43:35 EDT 2016 and passes if a majority of at least 3
+1 PMC votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Mesos 0.28.0

[ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...

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