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From John Omernik <>
Subject Re: Web UI Memory Usage in Firefox
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 19:25:42 GMT
Marathon Issue filed.

At this point, should I look at a Mesos JIRA too?

On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 12:53 PM, Orlando Hohmeier <>

> Hi John,
> thanks a lot for reporting and investigating this! We will have a look
> into it. I would be most pleased if you could create a GitHub Issue for
> this including all the details.
> BTW: Have you ever experienced the same in a different browser (e.g.
> Chrome)?
> Thanks
> Orlando
> On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 6:07:40 PM UTC+1, John Omernik wrote:
>> I am cross posting this in Marathon and Mesos lists because both UIs are
>> having this issue, and I figured I'd save time in posting two separate
>> messages.
>> Basically, in using Firefox, I noticed that over time, my firefox would
>> get to become unusable when I had Marathon and Mesos WebUIs up and
>> running.  At first, I thought it was a function of my home (Mac) computer
>> and firefox. But when I started a PoC for work, and my Windows install of
>> firefox had the same issues, I started doing more investigation.
>> First of all, both at home and at work, my Firefox is only dedicated to
>> "cluster" related tasks. Thus, I don't have other tabs that are not Cluster
>> UIs.
>> My typical setup is to have MapR UI, Mesos UI, Marathon UI, Chronos UI,
>> Myriad UI, and Yarn UI all up and running.
>> After about 3-4 hours, my browser would get really slow, and
>> non-responsive. I'd kill all and start again.  Rinse repeat.
>> So I did some analysis, and basically found a plugin for Firefox that
>> shows on each tab the amount of memory being used. I found that both
>> Marathon and Mesos UI were the culprits, and things got really bad after
>> just 2-3 hours.  With those setup, on Windows, I have the following memory
>> usage:
>> MapR UI: 7.7mb
>> Myriad UI: 9.8mb
>> Yarn: 2.7 mb
>> Chronos 10.2 mb
>> Marathon: 163 mb
>> Mesos UI: 463 mb
>> Both Marathon and Mesos continually climb, slowly, up some, down a few,
>> up some more, but obviously generally trending up.  I guess I wanted to
>> toss it out here to see if it's something in my settings, or something that
>> others are seeing.  It's a problem for me from a usability standpoint, and
>> I am guessing that it's one of those things that while not a priority for a
>> project, should be looked at.
>> John
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