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From Joseph Wu <>
Subject [Proposal] Unified logging for containerizers & the external containerizer
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 22:36:24 GMT
Hello All,

As part of the work on managing the logs for executors and tasks, we're
introducing a "ContainerLogger" module.  This module will allow the
stdout/stderr of executors and tasks to be managed or redirected.
(Existing executor/task logs are written to plain files.)  For example:

   - The module would make it trivial to truncate logs to a maximum size.
   Or to rotate the logs.
   - A module could redirect logs into an aggregation service, like syslog
   or journald; or to external logging, like LogStash or Splunk.

See the epic for more details:

For the MVP, we will support the Mesos and Docker containerizers.  For the
external containerizer, we plan to exit if an agent is started with both
the external containerizer and the new ContainerLogger module.  i.e. --containerizers="mesos,external"

Is there anyone, using the external containerizer, that would not prefer
this behavior?


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