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From Kevin Sweeney <>
Subject Improvements to container support with custom executor
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 18:39:17 GMT
(cross-posting for a wider audience)

Hi folks,

With mesos-0.23.0 it looks like a new dependency made it in for TLS
support. While this is fine in theory it actually makes the Docker
Containerizer story very difficult to reason about.

Here's the situation: Aurora uses a custom Python executor for its tasks.
Because of the design of the containerizer the executor runs in the context
of the container. This means that the container has to be able to run the
executor (in practice this means it needs a python2.7 installation and some
shared libraries libmesos links to). Since most containers don't contain
Aurora's executor, Aurora hacked around this by using the executor in
$MESOS_SANDBOX plus a requirement that hosted containers be able to run the
executor. However, with the upgrade to mesos-0.23.0 the containers that
could run the 0.22.0 executor no longer work due to the new dependency on

This is not a problem limited to Docker - I don't see how this design will
work with *any* container runtime - we can never upgrade the executor
without upgrading all the containers to contain its new dependencies, which
at a minimum means we must rebuild them whenever mesos gains a new

Does anyone with more experience with these APIs have a suggestion here? It
seems we need to make the executor run in the context of the host OS and
aware of the container (or maybe we have mesos launch a container with the
executor+its dependencies and have it launch a child container).
Kevin Sweeney

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