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From betarvel <>
Subject Mesos web ui sandbox help
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 09:05:57 GMT
Hi guys,

I spend too much time on the issue about showing sandbox stdout, stderr log on my own mesos
framework (under the webapp). My requirement is simple: The user can check the log information
of a specified task at any time on our own web app but not on the mesos web ui.
At last, I can not find a highly avaliable approach for this. I did some research on other
open source mesos frameworks. Here is the status:

Mesos web-ui: support showing logs
Chronos: do not support showing logs.

Marathon: do not support showing logs,  but the issue list on marathon-ui provided a approach
for making up the url from mesos web-ui and putting a “a” tag link on web page (just a
redirect to the mesos web ui sandbox page).   

Aurora: support showing logs by a heavy approach via theremos.

Singularity: do not support showing logs, but implementing a independent server on each slave
for Logstash

Some one said it’s duplicated with what the mesos web-ui support. But I found that:

1. The log files are stored at each slaves.

2. The slave ID will automatically change  if the slaves restart after a long while from the
last crash. Then,  the sandbox page url of the previous task 
will be unvalid. But the log files of the previous task are really still on the file system
where the slaves matched. 

3. I can not find a way to make the slave ID fixed.

4. The mesos frameworks can not depend on this if the mesos cluster or even the target slave

5. If we can accept the 4th point. Is there some other suggestion I can adopt? 

Sorry for my poor english.  Thanks.

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