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From F21 <>
Subject Mesos-master complains about quorum being a duplicate flag on CoreOS
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2015 03:21:09 GMT
I've gotten the mesos binaries compiled and packaged and deployed them 
onto a CoreOS instance.

When I run the master, it complains that the quorum flag is duplicated:

$ ./mesos-master --zk=zk:// --quorum=1 
--hostname= --ip=
Duplicate flag 'quorum' on command line

However, if I try and run mesos-master on Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit (where the 
binaries were built), it seems to work properly:

$ ./mesos-master --zk=zk:// --quorum=1 
--hostname= --ip=

I0830 18:31:20.983999 2830 main.cpp:181] Build: 2015-08-30 10:11:54 by
I0830 18:31:20.984246 2830 main.cpp:183] Version: 0.23.0
I0830 18:31:20.984694 2830 main.cpp:204] Using 'HierarchicalDRF' 
allocator --work_dir needed for replicated log based registry

How are the command line flags parsed in mesos? What causes this strange 
behavior on CoreOS?

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