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From Nikolay Borodachev <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Renaming Mesos Slave
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2015 16:33:31 GMT
+1 for CCAAT's post
-1 for renaming Mesos Slave

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From: CCAAT [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Renaming Mesos Slave

On 06/01/2015 04:18 PM, Adam Bordelon wrote:
> There has been much discussion about finding a less offensive name 
> than "Slave", and many of these thoughts have been captured in

I find political correctness rather nausiating. Folks should stop trying to apologies for
what others did, often hundreds of years ago.
I was not part of that. The advanced education system, the political system and the current
wealth control systems around the globe, are in fact and indeed "Master-Slave" relationships;
so why cleanse this notion prematurely?

Master-slave has a rich history in the entire field of compuatational resources and electronics.
That usage has nothing to do with social conventions and failings of the past. So, if you
want to do something effective for those of us less fortunate, why not use terms like

> I would like to open up the discussion on this topic for one week, and
> if we cannot arrive at a lazy consensus, I will draft a proposal from
> the discussion and call for a VOTE.
> Here are the questions I would like us to answer:
> 1. What should we call the "Mesos Slave" node/host/machine?
> 2. What should we call the "mesos-slave" process (could be the same)?
Elite-taxpayer  or  Lawyer-citizen or Billionare-wager  or 
Professor-debtor ?

  Something more apropo?

> 3. Do we need to rename Mesos Master too?

The concept of a master has been around ever since (2) males or more 
graced this planet (your theories of soccial evilutoin may vary but they
are irrelevant).

Commander? General ? Generalisimo?   Master_Chief  Warlord?

Why not get rid of the entire Apache evironment why you are at it?
This line of reasoning is nothing but *STUPID*   You cannot errase
the history of the warrior existence of mankind. Nor should any today
apologize for historical convention. WE did not commit any bad deeds
before we were born, so just get over it!

> Another topic worth discussing is the deprecation process, but we don't
> necessarily need to decide on that at the same time as deciding the new
> name(s).
> 4. How will we phase in the new name and phase out the old name?
> Please voice your thoughts and opinions below.
> Thanks!
> -Adam-
> P.S. My personal thoughts:
> 1. Mesos Worker [Node]
> 2. Mesos Worker or Agent
> 3. No
> 4. Carefully

This is the sadest thread I have ever read.


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