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From Anindya Sinha <>
Subject Static Resource Reservation on mesos slave
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2015 19:08:23 GMT

My intention is to statically partition the slaves in my cluster such that
jobs belonging to a specific role has resources carved for them, and the
rest of the resources in the slave are for the remaining jobs.

This is what my understanding is to enable this:
On mesos-slave: I start mesos-slave with resources carved out for role1 as:
On scheduler (I am using aurora), I have the FrameworkInfo protobuf have
the role set to 'role1' instead of the default value of '*'.
On mesos-master, I start with the following flag:

With this, I see the offer from the slaves only contain the cpu, mem and
disk as mentioned for 'role1'. How do I enable the slave to offer the
complete set of resources (not just for 'role1') but resource allocation
for jobs be based on whether the role is 'role1' (use
"cpus(role1):1;mem(role1):2048;disk(role1):32768") whereas for all other
jobs, it picks up from the rest of the resources within the slaves of the

Or is it supposed to work differently? Any pointers would be great.


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