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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Re: Setting minimum offer size
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2015 14:43:17 GMT
On 24/06/2015 15:35, David Greenberg wrote:
> I'm not aware of any minimum offer size option in mesos. What I've 
> seen success with is holding onto small offers and waiting until I 
> accumulate enough to launch the large task. This way, the need for 
> large offers doesn't affect the cluster, but the framework that needs 
> it gets it. 
This means that the execution of a task doesn't need to be linked to a 
single resource offer, but they can be aggregated?

Also, it seems to me this would break down if there were two frameworks 
both which required 20GB of RAM. Let's say each of them grabs 16 x 1GB 
offers. At this point all 32GB of one node has been committed, and there 
is deadlock.

Conversely, ISTM that a 20GB minimum offer size would lead to big 
wastage in the case where frameworks only made 1GB allocations. After 
13GB of RAM had been used (19GB free), no further offers would be made.



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