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From Dave Lester <>
Subject New @ApacheAurora load balancer and http redirect service
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 20:51:42 GMT
Last week, two projects in the Apache Aurora[1] / Apache Mesos ecosystem
were open sourced that I wanted to make sure folks are aware of.

*aurproxy* "aurproxy is a load
balancer manager with knowledge of Apache Aurora's service discovery
mechanism and integration with Aurora's task lifecycle. It is a python
application that runs inside of a docker container, where it manages a
fully featured but not Aurora-aware load balancer (currently only nginx
is supported). When Aurora service discovery events occur, aurproxy
detects them, rewrites the load balancer's configuration file and then
triggers a graceful restart of the load balancer. Use aurproxy to expose
dynamic Aurora service endpoints to services and applications that don't
have knowledge of Aurora's service discovery mechanism."

*Jobhopper for Aurora*
"Jobhopper is a simple http redirector daemon designed to make it easy
and convenient for developers and administrators to navigate directly
to any running Aurora job on your Mesos cluster from your browser's
address bar."

It's great to a growing number of projects that are powered by Aurora
and Mesos. Thanks to the TellApart team (including Thanos Baskous) and
Benjamin Staffin for sharing these with the community!




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