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From Gallagher Polyn <>
Subject Re: can mesos-dns + mesos + docker emulate kubernetes' style of service discovery?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:32:58 GMT
> we use the HAProxy configurator script bundled with marathon to bind
> applications to ports :
> haproxy-marathon-bridge

> Given the foregoing, can mesos-dns + mesos (possibly, mesosphere’s
>> marathon) + docker be configured to emulate Kubernetes’ style of service
>> discovery, i.e., no responsibility for DNS resolution in an application
>> consuming other services via TCP?
Thanks Craig. I will try that approach, which I see documented here:

In light of your response, and direction to an approach that predates
mesos-dns, it will need to consider what, if any, part mesos-dns has for my

Directly, it was
that set my expectation that consul could now be replaced with mesos-dns in
mesos/marathon clusters.


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