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From "craig mcmillan" <>
Subject Re: can mesos-dns + mesos + docker emulate kubernetes' style of service discovery?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:05:47 GMT
we use the HAProxy configurator script bundled with marathon to bind 
applications to ports :

HAProxy runs on every mesos slave and each marathon app is then 
available on every slave at the port(s) declared in the marathon API on 
localhost (or the docker container gateway host)

this is working fine for the short-lived connections of multi-layer HTTP 
apps, and also long-lived TCP connections between logstash-forwarder and 


On 22 Jan 2015, at 17:52, Gallagher Polyn wrote:

> Hi,
> My goal has been to develop multi-container docker applications 
> locally and expect their seamless introduction to production 
> environments (wow.)
> I have done a POC for my goal with fig and Kubernetes, and I enjoy 
> that I can depend on standard service ip/port environment variables to 
> be present. (Similarly, I see that efforts resembling Jeff Lindsay’s 
> approaches with docker + consul also rely on standard ip/port 
> environment variables.)
> Given the foregoing, can mesos-dns + mesos (possibly, mesosphere’s 
> marathon) + docker be configured to emulate Kubernetes’ style of 
> service discovery, i.e., no responsibility for DNS resolution in an 
> application consuming other services via TCP?
> Thanks,
> Gallagher

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