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From CCAAT <>
Subject BTRFS on a DFS
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 19:12:51 GMT

Well I did not want to "hijack a thread" but since several folks are
dancing right next to my current quandary, I figured I'd start another,
companion thread closely related to several of the current threads.

So, I'm building up (2)  clusters of (3) machines each;  the first 
difference is one set will be running systemd and the other set will be 
running openrc. The purpose is to help flush out differences related to 
how system/kernel based resources are managed by systemd vs openrc, aid 
in diagnosing deep memory (OOM) issues and test various kernel 

That said, what I'm working on is installing btrfs as the file system on 
each pair of mirrored (Raid 1) drives on each system. Later on with 
btrfs, I can migrate to (Raid 10) or (Raid 6) when R6 becomes stable.
What I' proposing to do is use a Distributed File System (DFS) like
lustre on top of btrfs for these (2) mesos + spark clusters. Later on
I might try FhGFS as well as gluster after lustre.

With btrfs, it's pretty straight forward to combine several disk into
one "pool" of space.  If anyone has setup btrfs for mesos, and 
suggestions are most welcome?

Or can I just install mesos on the cluster-btrfs without a DFS ? 
Pros/Cons of these approaches? I'm really trying to  avoid the legacy 
codes such as Hadoop and HDFS.

Suggestions and comments are most welcome.


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