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From Ross Allen <>
Subject Re: how does the web UI get sandbox logs?
Date Mon, 12 May 2014 16:47:05 GMT
Each slave does run a webserver. You first visit the master to download
static assets, and once you navigate to a sandbox you are getting data
directly from the slave via JSONP. That is currently the only way to get
information about sandboxes since the master has no knowledge of slaves'
disks and doesn't act as a proxy for requests to the slaves.

This setup does pose the problem you are currently facing: it requires
access to any slave you want to view.

Ross Allen

On 8 May 2014 09:21, Dick Davies <> wrote:

> I've found the sandbox logs to be very useful in debugging
> misbehaving frameworks, typos, etc.  - the usual n00b stuff I suppose.
> I've got a vagrant stack running quite nicely. If i port forward I can
> view marathon and mesos UIs nicely from my host, but I can't get
> the sandbox logs because 'slaveN' isn't resolving from outside the
> Vagrant stack.
> I was a bit surprised because I didn't expect to need to reach the
> slaves directly.
> Does each slave expose a webserver to serve up
> sandbox logs or something? Just trying to work out how/if I can
> map things so that UI can be tunnelled easily.

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