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From Erik Erlandson <>
Subject Re: Adding GPUs/FPGAs into the resources
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 22:06:52 GMT

----- Original Message -----
> I think many can agree that *this is a useful feature, but be forewarned,
> "Thar be dragons in this space!"
> There is a high degree of variability across GPU's, their abilities, and
> apis. That shouldn't deter folks, but it may be wise to leverage other
> communities on how they approached this problem, and learn from their wisdom
> as well as mistakes.
> - Simpler is better
> - Think non-fungible
> - Script for discovery
> A couple of quick refs:
> older ref:
> I'll let Erik point out the other refs, he has spent a large amount of time
> in this area, and has looked @ (N) resources.

+1 to thinking about 'non-fungible' resources as early as possible.  Allowing resources to
be assigned with individual identities requires more machinery.  HTCondor has recently been
adding support for non-fungible resources:

I've spent more time thinking about managing heterogeneous resources, than non-fungible resources,
per se.   Some possibly useful links to my thoughts (with a htcondor slant) are:

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