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From Vinod Kone <>
Subject Re: Questions on implementing mesos framework
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2013 15:37:26 GMT

> (1) One thing particular I found unexpected is that the executors are shutdown if the
scheduler is shutdown. Is there a way to keep executors/tasks running when the scheduler is
down? I would imagine when the scheduler comes back, it could reestablish the state somehow
and keep going without interrupting the running tasks. Is this a use case that mesos is designed
You can use FrameworkInfo.failover_timeout to tell Mesos how long to wait for the framework
to re-register before it cleans up the framework's executors and tasks. 

Also, note that for this to work the framework has to persist its frameworkId when it first
registers with the master.  When the framework comes back up it needs to reconnect by setting
FrameworkInfo.framework_id = persisted id. 

> (2) How does mesos use cgroups? In particular, if I launch two tasks with the same executor,
each take 10G memory, does mesos put my executor in a cgroup with 20G memory limit? If not,
how does it work

That's correct. Each executor is run in its own cgroup. If you want to isolate your tasks
run them in different executors. 
> Thank you,
> Li

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