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From Matei Zaharia <>
Subject Re: notes from first-time user on Ubuntu 12.04
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 00:04:49 GMT
Hi Andrew,

We actually use mesos-dev for all the Mesos discussions -- didn't know that mesos-user even
worked! But anyway thanks for the comments, this is really useful.


On Aug 1, 2012, at 7:56 PM, Andrew Ferguson wrote:

> hi,
> (not sure if this is a "real" mailing list yet :-)
> I just wanted to write down a few notes for other first-time users on Ubuntu 12.04. I
was following
> - while the wiki lists packages for redhat, the corresponding ubuntu packages are "libcppunit-dev"
and "python-dev". you also need "autoconf" and "libtool"  (maybe only when building from svn)
> - In the 0.9 release, one needs to change src/scripts/ to use /bin/bash instead
of /bin/sh (I see this is already fixed in trunk. nice!)
> - to get "src/test-framework" to run, I had to copy src/.libs/ to /usr/lib
by hand (I hadn't done 'make install' or anything -- I was just running from a local directory,
as the wiki directions walk you through). The Java and Python frameworks work like a charm.
  I imagine it's libtool's responsibility to make this "just work"? sorry I didn't manage
to debug this on my own.
> also, out of curiosity, when the test-framework was failing (because it couldn't find
the library), its tasks just sat in the TASK_STAGING state -- would they eventually timeout?
also, it seems a little strange that they're in TASK_STAGNING and not TASK_FAILED or something
like that, but I'm new to Mesos. :-)
> kudos on all the hard work!
> cheers,
> Andrew
> PS -- a few more log details. here's a snip my Mesos slave:
> I0801 16:35:15.350121 17190 slave.cpp:436] Got assigned task 4 for framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
> I0801 16:35:15.350195 17190 slave.cpp:1484] Generating a unique work directory for executor
'default' of framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
> I0801 16:35:15.350390 17190 slave.cpp:501] Using '/tmp/mesos/slaves/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0/frameworks/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000/executors/default/runs/1'
as work directory for executor 'default' of framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
> I0801 16:35:15.396283 17193 process_based_isolation_module.cpp:91] Launching default
(/home/adf/mesos/mesos-0.9.0/src/.libs/test-executor) in /tmp/mesos/slaves/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0/frameworks/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000/executors/default/runs/1
with resources ' for framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
> I0801 16:35:15.396702 17193 process_based_isolation_module.cpp:114] Forked executor at
> I0801 16:35:16.343758 17191 process_based_isolation_module.cpp:207] Telling slave of
lost executor default of framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
> I0801 16:35:16.343873 17192 slave.cpp:1307] Executor 'default' of framework 20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000
has exited with status 127
> then, if we look at the stderr for the file the above log snippet references:
> $ cat /tmp/mesos/slaves/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0/frameworks/20120801163516842879-5050-17155-0000/executors/default/runs/1/stderr

> /home/adf/mesos/mesos-0.9.0/src/.libs/test-executor: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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