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From "Kishchukov, Dmitrii (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [C]" <>
Subject Re: full Zookeeper authentication
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2018 14:01:06 GMT
Yes. I want to do it. And it would be good if someone could give an advise how to do it. For
example is there one place where Authentication object constructed for Zookeeper?
For me it looks like there many places which is strange.

Dmitrii Kishchukov. 
Leading software developer
Submission Portal Team

On 12/6/18, 12:56 PM, "Vinod Kone" <> wrote:

    That approach sounds reasonable. Would you like to work on this? Are you
    looking for a reviewer/shepherd?
    On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:28 AM Kishchukov, Dmitrii (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [C] <> wrote:
    > Mesos allow using only digest authentication scheme for Zookeeper. Which
    > is bad because Zookeeper has quite a flexible security model.
    > It is easy to make you own authenticator with its own scheme name.
    > To support fully Zookeeper authentication, Mesos has pass two items into
    > Zookeeper:
    > scheme and credentials.
    > credentials can have different format depending on authentication scheme.
    > For digest scheme it is ‘login:password’
    > All Mesos should do just pass scheme and credentials to Zookeeper.
    > Another improvement might be be to configure credentials via file instead
    > of URI
    > For example it can be two command line options:
    > --zk_auth_scheme and –zk_auth_credentials
    > It can be used like this:
    > --zk_auth_scheme=some_custome_scheme –zk_auth_credentials=filename
    > --zk_auth_credentials can just get all contents of the file as credentials
    > string.
    > Class Authentication in Mesos already contains all that we need. The
    > problem is what Mesos pass to the constructor.
    > --
    > Dmitrii Kishchukov.

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