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From James Vanns <>
Subject 122 resources.cpp:1134] Check failed: !resource.has_role() cpus:8
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2018 14:56:21 GMT
Hi! It's been a looonng time since I've asked a question on this list
(several years) so excuse me if this is now the wrong forum! Anyway,
basically, I've got an old Mesos framework I'm resurrecting and it was
developed against 0.26.x, I think. For the sheer Hell of it I just upgraded
Mesos to 1.5.0 and by pure miracle (or rather, excellent API/ABI work on
your part!) I only had to change about 1 or 2 lines of my C++ code to get a
build :) However, when I run it and push a task to it, it now bails with
this stack trace;

F0926 14:35:34.225720   122 resources.cpp:1134] Check failed:
!resource.has_role() cpus:8
*** Check failure stack trace: ***
    @     0x7fae14997a7d  google::LogMessage::Fail()
    @     0x7fae14999830  google::LogMessage::SendToLog()
    @     0x7fae14997663  google::LogMessage::Flush()
    @     0x7fae1499a259  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
    @     0x7fae1393d8a3  mesos::Resources::isEmpty()
    @     0x7fae1393d97c  mesos::Resources::add()
    @     0x7fae1393fce0  mesos::Resources::operator+=()
    @     0x7fae1393fd8d  mesos::Resources::operator+=()
    @     0x7fae1394001b  mesos::Resources::Resources()

Which I happen to find is the same path as this random link for

So given that none of my code ever had any explicit roles set and all
slaves (sorry, agents - it's been that long ;) and the master have only
ever assumed the default role ('*'), what do I need to add/remove in my
code to get it to work as it did before!? If it helps it appears that the
code that generates this dump is;


I hope this is enough info! If not, please ask and I'll paste more context



Senior Production Engineer,
Industrial Light & Magic

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