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From Greg Mann <>
Subject Re: Normalization of metric keys
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2018 17:25:15 GMT
Thanks for the reply Ben!

Yea I suspect the lack of normalization there was not intentional, and it
means that you can no longer reliably split on '/' unless you apply some
external controls to user input. Yep, this is bad :)

One thing we should consider when normalizing metadata embedded in metric
keys (like framework name/ID) is that operators will likely want to
de-normalize this information in their metrics tooling. For example,
ideally something like the 'mesos_exporter' [1] could expose the framework
name/ID as tags which could be easily consumed by the cluster's metrics

To accommodate de-normalization, any substitutions we perform while
normalizing should be:

   1. Unique - we should substitute a single, unique string for each
   disallowed character
   2. Verbose - we should substitute strings which are unlikely to appear
   in user input. (Examples: '#&#', '*@*', '%!%', etc.)

My thought was that since operators can already not simply "split on
slash", we might as well avoid normalization to avoid the above
difficulties with de-normalization. There are other ways that the metric
keys can be processed (e.g., regex), but this requires that the tooling
have prior knowledge of the keys it should expect, which is not ideal.

However, it also seems reasonable to me to normalize in a way that
accommodates de-normalization as noted above.

*What would folks think about normalizing by substituting '/' with '#%$'?*

Another character that came up as a possible candidate for substitution is
the space character, which could very well appear in framework names. I
don't think we have a good reason on our side to substitute whitespace, but
perhaps its presence in the metric keys would cause issues with external



On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 5:56 PM, Benjamin Mahler <> wrote:

> I don't think the lack of principal normalization was intentional. Why
> spread that further? Don't we also have some normalization today?
> Having slashes show up in components complicates parsing (can no longer
> split on '/'), no? For example, if we were to introduce the ability to
> query a subset of metrics with a simple matcher (e.g.
> /frameworks/*/messages_received), then this would be complicated by the
> presence of slashes in the principal or other user supplied strings.
> On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 3:17 PM, Greg Mann <> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I'm currently working on adding a suite of new per-framework metrics to
>> help schedulers better debug unexpected/unwanted behavior (MESOS-8842
>> <>). One issue that has
>> come up during this work is how we should handle strings like the framework
>> name or role name in metric keys, since those strings may contain
>> characters like '/' which already have a meaning in our metrics interface.
>> I intend to place the framework name and ID in the keys for the new
>> per-framework metrics, delimited by a sufficiently-unique separator so that
>> operators can decode the name/ID in their metrics tooling. An example
>> per-framework metric key:
>>     master/frameworks/<framework_name>###<framework_id>/tasks/task_running
>> I recently realized that we actually already allow the '/' character in
>> metric keys, since we include the framework principal in these keys:
>>     frameworks/<framework_principal>/messages_received
>>     frameworks/<framework_principal>/messages_processed
>> We don't disallow any characters in the principal, so anything could
>> appear in those keys.
>> *Since we don't normalize the principal in the above keys, my proposal is
>> that we do not normalize the framework name at all when constructing the
>> new per-framework metric keys.*
>> Let me know what you think!
>> Cheers,
>> Greg

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