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From Alexander Rojas <>
Subject Should we remove `noexcept` from `ObjectApprover::approved()` signature?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:10:41 GMT
I may have brought up this issue in the past, however I’m bringing it again, The `ObjectApprover::approved()`
[1] method has the following signature:

virtual Try<bool> approved(
      const Option<Object>& object) const noexcept = 0;

This is unfortunate since it is impossible to mock a function in google mock with two qualifiers
[2] without some modifications to gmock itself. this reduces the amount of tests we can perform.

Moreover, the `noexcept` qualifier is not even needed in Mesos, since it does not use exceptions
and it is compiled without exception support by default.

The tricky situation here is that this is a public API so it would be tricky to replace since
it will break backwards compatibility. So I’m calling out to any modules developer to notify
if they are ok with the change or if we should instead try to modify gmock.


Alexander Rojas

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