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From "Neth, Craig Allen" <>
Subject Re: [E] Re: [Proposal] Mesos on ARM
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 16:38:43 GMT
Hi All,

Just a slight correction – we never tried running the Masters on AARCH64, only the agents.
   We used an existing x86 based DC/OS cluster for the Masters/Marathon/etc.    (i.e. we ran
a mixed arch cluster, and used resource roles to place AARCH64 tasks on the appropriate nodes.
)    It might be worth deciding if such hybrid clusters are part of the initial effort here
but I’d argue that they are probably an important use-case to consider.   For most non-trivial
applications it will probably be awhile before all the components are available on ARM.  
 Also, the characteristics AARCH64 implementations (lots of RISC-y cores) match up well with
certain workloads and less well with others.


From: Aaron Wood <>
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 11:31 AM
To: "" <>
Cc: Matt Jarvis <>, user <>, Ed Vielmetti
<>, "Neth, Craig Allen" <>, "haosdent huang
(haosong)" <>, Sharma Podila <>, Andrew Spyker
Subject: [E] Re: [Proposal] Mesos on ARM

Hi Tomek,

A while back we started an effort on getting the Mesos masters and agents running on ARM64.
AFAIK the only issues we ran into was with a SIGBUS and with LevelDB not being supported,
both of which are fixed and referenced in your document.

After these two snags we had it running and working in an internal ARM64 cluster (technically
aarch64). It wasn't just a basic run either, my co-worker Craig managed to get Marathon hooked
up and launched tasks via both the UCR and the docker containerizer.

Maybe there are more bugs that have not yet shown up but from what we experienced Mesos looked
good to go. FWIW we focused on all of this late last fall so I cannot say if things are 100%
the same for the current release or not.


On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 10:46 AM, Tomek Janiszewski <<>>
@Matt I think Java runs on ARM and I saw some fixes for Zookeeper on ARM so
the main problem in running DC/OS is Mesos. Maybe there are other
components that might need to be fixed.

@Brock Thanks for interest. If you encourage any issue with ARM please ping
me. You can also report it on Apache JIRA with arm64 label.

wt., 26 wrz 2017 o 16:36 użytkownik Matt Jarvis <<>>

> As a stretch goal, I'd also be interested in understanding what's required
> to run the rest of DC/OS on ARM - action is on me to reach out to the
> relevant folks inside Mesosphere for that.
> On 26 September 2017 at 14:39, Tomek Janiszewski <<>>
> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I'd like to propose to add ARM64 support in Mesos. Currently, the only
>> Agent can run on ARM but it's not officially supported. This means build
>> failures on ARM are not considered as a bug.
>> I know there were a couple of tries to run Mesos on ARM (mostly on
>> Raspberry PI) but this process is not straightforward and requires some
>> tuning.
>> I'd like, in cooperation with WorksOnArm, to add ARM-based build to our
>> required test suit. Before, we need to make code to build on ARM and pass
>> all tests.
>> Unfortunately, I do not know what exactly needs to be fixed because I
>> haven't started yet. I hope we can do it step by step. Once we got ARM
>> server we can use it to find problems when running on this architecture.
>> What do you think about this? Is anybody interested in running Mesos on
>> ARM?
>> Thanks!
>> –
>> Tomasz Janiszewski

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