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Subject CMake build refactoring
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2017 18:47:53 GMT
Hello Mesos developers,

I wanted to take the time to announce a (long) patch chain that fixes up 
the CMake build system. There were a lot of open bugs due to the initial 
design (and constraints of CMake 2), and by moving to CMake 3, I was 
able to rewrite the CMake build in a target-based dependency graph 
manner (the way CMake is meant to be used).

The very end of the chain is here:

Joseph Wu is currently shepherding it. That final patch includes the 
what and the why explanation of this patch series.

My main guideline in this effort was MESOS-3576, which pointed out the 
incorrectness of the link flags generated by CMake. This has been 
resolved, and moreover, a significant amount of superfluous CMake code 
was deleted (that final patch was about a 4 to 1 ratio of deletions to 

I took a two-phase approach to this reworking. The first phase imported 
all of our third party dependencies correctly. Instead of linking to 
these dependencies by manually including their various include/library 
directories and compilation/link flags, each dependency was added to the 
CMake graph as an imported target. All necessary information for linking 
to the dependency is recorded in its target, and used is transitively 
passed to targets which take it as dependency by CMake. Adding a new 
dependency is now relatively simple, with many easy-to-replicate 
patterns available in 3rdparty/CMakeLists.txt.

An important note is that this was also done for header-only libraries, 
including stout. CMake 3 has a notion of "interface libraries" where a 
header-only library can be represented as a CMake target like any other 
library. With this done correctly, linking stout to boost is as simple 
as `target_link_libraries(stout boost)`, and linking libprocess to stout 
is `target_link_libraries(process stout)`, and the boost dependency is 
understood transitively.

The second phase was refactoring the Mesos build itself (that is, not 
the third party dependencies). With all our dependencies imported 
properly, I was able to delete the files of extraneous information such 
as `MasterConfigure.cmake`, `AgentConfigure.cmake`, etc. This 
information is instead correctly stored in the aforementioned CMake 
dependency graph.

With this all put together, the entirety of the required CMake code to 
build the agent executable, on all platforms, is the following _two 

     add_executable(mesos-agent main.cpp)
     target_link_libraries(mesos-agent PRIVATE mesos)

All necessary link and compilation flags are parsed by CMake through the 
dependency graph as it visits libmesos as the mesos-agent dependency.

I keep an updated tree on GitHub here for easy testing:

As we move closer to deprecating Autotools, I wanted to ensure that the 
replacement build system was as correct and easy-to-use as possible. As 
with any build system (and any software engineering effort), there is 
always more to clean up and improve. However, I am satisfied with the 
result of my efforts, and I hope this build system makes your work as 
developers easier. If you have the time, please take a look at the the 
patches and give it a test. Let me know know I can make it work better 
for you.

Thank you,

Andrew Schwartzmeyer

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