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From Thodoris Zois <>
Subject Isolators & Containerizers
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2017 18:23:50 GMT

I am trying to understand some basic components of Mesos and i have made some notes corresponding
to my conclusion. If somebody could check this out and review them, or can provide me some
more information about the specific topic i would be thankful. Below you will find my notes.

- Containerizers: 
   1. Mesos Containerizer
       - posix isolators 
       - cgroups isolators

   2. Docker containerizer
       - docker isolators

   3. Custom containerizer
       - my isolators

- Executors:
   Generally: Each executor has the minimum resources assigned by default (0.01 CPU &
              Executor expands its resources when a task is assigned (executor default resources
+ task resources)

   1. Mesos commandExecutor
       - run shell commands or docker
       - Each executor is a container that can have only one task to execute, you can't specify
group of tasks
       - Isolation between executors/containers so isolation between tasks because each task
runs in one container

   2. Mesos defaultExecutor
       - can run shell commands or a custom executor file e.g (from tests)
       - can execute one task per executor/container or multiple tasks (1 group).
       - No resource isolation between tasks of the same container

   3. Custom Executor
       - ?????

So, i guess i can use one offer to run some tasks on the same agent with commandExecutor or
with defaultExecutor….
But how would somebody specify if the offer corresponds to one agent or multiple agents? 

Thank you,
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