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From Li Li <>
Subject Mesos on Windows needs your help
Date Tue, 30 May 2017 17:58:24 GMT
With the joint effort from Mesosphere and Microsoft, the windows build performance *should*
be about equal with Posix/Linux now, ~76% tests are enabled on the ported windows components,
and Mesos container/docker container tasks are launched successfully e2e.
We will start helping Mesos windows customers deploy their windows agent nodes in their test
environments, and then productize these features as our next goals. To be able to do that,
we need a stable development environment.
Recently, there have been multiple regressions on Windows from build issues to functionality
issues. We have been chasing down these regressions, fixing them and trying to push Mesos
on Windows features forward. However, we all know the situation cannot be sustained well with
the high frequency of the regressions.
To solve the issues, we've enabled two engineering system features for Mesos on Windows to
prevent regressions before and after each checkin,

  1.  Windows reviewbot has been enabled to verify all of the tests on windows for each PR.
For details, please refer to


  1.  Windows build process has been added to CI system. The build status is posted to #windows
channel by the CI bot after committing a PR,
The build regressions are generally caught manually (i.e. git pull && cmake --build
.) or when the CI bot posts a failure in the #windows channel. For now, these build regressions
don't get sent to the<> mailing
list due to the flakiness we're seeing in the builds@ mailing list.
For developers, if you do not have access to a Windows box, you have two options:
1. use the Windows Reviewbot.  This runs in a loop (slightly different than the Ubuntu Reviewbot)
but both reviewbots function the same way.  Just push an update to the last review in a chain,
and the reviewbot will get around to it eventually.
2. Spin up a Windows box in Azure, AWS or some other cloud with Windows Server 2016 + Docker
+ all the dependencies from<>.
We highly recommend everyone to analyze the Windows Reviewbot before your checkins and monitor
Windows build status after your checkins.
The above engineering system effort is just a starting point to prevent the regressions. We
also need help from our Mesos dev community - when you checkin a fix, think about if there
are some potential regressions on the windows side and verify your fix on Windows as well;
when you design a feature, feel free to involve us in to your discussions and see how these
features should be designed for windows, etc.
Only with your help, we can deliver Mesos to our Linux customers, and Windows customers successfully.

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