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From Olivier Sallou <>
Subject how to get executor command? unified containerizer fails with unknown flag 'command'
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:48:47 GMT

while switching from python protobuf library to HTTP API, I face an
issue when starting the container with unified containerizer.

With the Docker containerizer, everything is fine, but unified
containeriser fails (while it worked nice with the python lib, before my

The only executor log I have is:

    "Failed to parse the flags: Failed to load unknown flag 'command'"

and update status reason "REASON_CONTAINER_LAUNCH_FAILED"

In slave logs I only find the following:

    I0324 13:42:39.487109 29096 linux_launcher.cpp:421] Launching
container 61327ae0-5c9b-4d4c-a015-674b7112539a and cloning with
namespaces CLONE_NEWNS
    I0324 13:42:39.507308 29096 systemd.cpp:96] Assigned child process
'8256' to 'mesos_executors.slice'
    I0324 13:42:39.558537 29102 containerizer.cpp:2313] Container
61327ae0-5c9b-4d4c-a015-674b7112539a has exited

It may be related to my json task definition, but I do not see what
mesos is trying to execute, and what this "command" flag is and why it
is present.

Is there a way for Mesos to add additional logs to display the executor
command ?

In my task_infos, I define a container of type MESOS and a command with
a value. Should be the same than Docker containerizer, only difference
is in container that has a mesos parameter instead of a docker parameter.




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