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From Neil Conway <>
Subject Duplicate task IDs
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2016 15:08:57 GMT

The master stores a cache of metadata about recently completed tasks;
for example, this information can be accessed via the "/tasks" HTTP
endpoint or the "GET_TASKS" call in the new Operator API.

The master currently stores this metadata using a list; this means
that duplicate task IDs are permitted. We're considering [1] changing
this to use a hashmap instead. Using a hashmap would mean that
duplicate task IDs would be discarded: if two completed tasks have the
same task ID, only the metadata for the most recently completed task
would be retained by the master.

If this behavior change would cause problems for your framework or
other software that relies on Mesos, please let me know.

(Note that if you do have two completed tasks with the same ID, you'd
need an unambiguous way to tell them apart. As a recommendation, I
would strongly encourage framework authors to never reuse task IDs.)



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