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From Frank Scholten <>
Subject Mapped diagnostics context - Adding internal Mesos IDs as context to the logs
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:12:56 GMT

On JIRA I found several issues about making logs less spammy as well
as making them easier to understand for day to day operations. Condense (redundant)
log messages related to task launch/status/finish offer DECLINE /
ACCEPT + Recovered resource messages are spammy Identify and change
logging level for message that don't contain specific
task/framework/slave info

Besides reducing the logs would it be possible to add more context? In
the Java world the technique of 'Mapped diagnostic context' is used
with Logback where each log line contains a few fields with context.

To translate this to Mesos how about adding the internal IDs such as
agent, framework, and task IDs at the beginning of the log, so this
information is separated from the textual, human readble log message.
At the moment this information is tangled which makes it hard to
interpret, especially when there are so many logs for each task.

For example, change this

I1004 12:24:12.118803  3780 status_update_manager.cpp:320] Received
status update TASK_FAILED (UUID: a1d03948-30bf-46b3-9599-cfcfc7cbc27b)
for task weave-demo_database_catalogue-db.6d415c17-8a2d-11e6-90a7-0242458f9469
of framework f1546295-ab46-496a-8cf9-91756fece4ed-0000


I1004 12:24:12.118803  3780 status_update_manager.cpp:320
A:agent12318032910 F:f1546295-ab46-496a-8cf9-91756fece4ed-0000
T:xyz-a1d03948-30bf-46b3-9599-cfcfc7cbc27b] Received status update
TASK_FAILED for task 'xyz'

In this case the header contains A:$AGENT_ID, F:$FRAMEWORK_ID,
T:$TASK_ID and as the context and lines with similar context can be
more easily correlated visually.

Is this feasible?



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