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From Evers Benno <>
Subject Design Document for IPv6 support
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:41:51 GMT

some of you may faintly remember my announcement that we're planning to
add IPv6 support for Mesos roughly half a year ago.

While the idea was met favorably, and there seems to be a general
consensus that it is a good feature to have, there was also a feeling
that a more detailed design document would be helpful to start the

On the other hand, writing code is an integral part of the design
process since a purely theoretical design document probably wouldn't
survive first contact with the real world, so... long story short, we
have been running a small mesos cluster in an IPv6-only production
environment for the last few months, and I managed to write up a
somewhat more formal proposal at

If you prefer the look of latex typesetting, there is also a pdf
version available at

For those who remember my previous mails, this proposal is actually much
more streamlined in comparison, looking to provide minimal core IPv6
connectivity which can be expanded in the future if desired.

I'm looking forward to receive any comments, thoughts, questions, etc.

Best regards,

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