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From Benjamin Bannier <>
Subject Re: Request Mesos contributor role
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 12:19:59 GMT

>> Error:
>> 2016-01-14 09:19:38 URL: [612/612] ->
"42288.patch" [1]
>> Total errors found: 0
>> Checking 1 files
>> Error: Commit message summary (the first line) must not exceed 72 characters.
>> my patch first line is:
>> diff --git a/src/slave/containerizer/docker.cpp b/src/slave/containerizer/docker.cpp
>> how could I to fix this?

This refers to the commit message,

    Docker container REST API /monitor/statistics.json output have no timestamp field

which is too long (I count 81 chars, but a hard max is put at 72 chars); the same automated
check also rejects commit summaries not ending in a period `.`. Additionally, a human reviewer
will likely ask you to use past tense (e.g., “Fixed … for …”).

If you rerun `bootstrap` from the project root it should install local git hooks so that the
same checks are run locally on your machine while you develop.


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