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From 陈强 <>
Subject Re: Support Metrics of Framework's Resource & Role's Resource now?
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2016 09:10:28 GMT
Hi Yongqiao,

I add two requirements for the MESOS-4213, please review, thanks.

a comment -1 hour ago-edited

For the /roles, I suggest add two fields for one type role to represent 
how much resource is in use now and how much left if many frameworks 
share the same role, as frameworks would exist in one cluster that share 
same role.

a comment -26 minutes ago-edited

Suggest to add another additional RestAPI /framework to get framework info.
In the response payload should contain the resources of 
allocated/available/totals for certain type framework.
There another case that one certain framework may have some roles. e.g, 
marathon would work as marathon_role1, marathon_role2 as long as user 
set different roles for them. So, if we want to get resource metrics for 
marathon, it should accumulate all kinds of roles.

On 2016年01月18日 15:25, 陈强 wrote:
> Thanks Fan & Yongqiao,
> Yes, I tried /roles would get resources info, but can't get 
> framework's by /frameworks.
> Good epic of MESOS-4213!!
> On 2016年01月18日 15:18, Yongqiao Wang wrote:
>> As far as I know, /roles endpoint can show the resources allocated 
>> (used and offered) by each framework, and there is no endpoint now 
>> can show the resources owned (static/dynamic reservation, quota 
>> configuration, created volumes, etc...) by each roles.
>> We are plan to have a discussion for this later in JIRA MESOS-4213, 
>> if you have more requirements and questions, you can append here. 
>> Thanks!
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>> Regards!
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>> From:  "陈强";<>;
>> Date:  Mon, Jan 18, 2016 02:50 PM
>> To:  "dev"<>;
>> Subject:  Support Metrics of Framework's Resource & Role's Resource now?
>> I'm using Mesos0.25.0 now,
>> Would everyone is starting developing on the support of metrics for
>> framework & role 's resource? or they have been already supported in the
>> following version?
>> As far as I know, we can get the metrics of framework status from
>> /metrics/snapshot, but wouldn't get the details of how much resources
>> every framework owns, as well as we wouldn't get the how much resource
>> every role owns.
>> So, does someone are working on these?
>> Thanks.


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