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From Dave Lester <>
Subject Planning for Mesos 1.0 release?
Date Sun, 30 Aug 2015 23:27:07 GMT
I've seen casual references to an upcoming Mesos 1.0 release so I
thought I'd ask about it on-list. What's left for a 1.0 release, and who
is driving it?

On the discussion thread for Mesos 0.24.0, Vinod recently said "the 1.0
release might be 0.25.0 or 0.26.0 depending on the progress we make with
the HTTP API." Is the HTTP API the only blocker for 1.0?

I'd love to see us continue the transparent practices of each release
having a mailing list discussion prior to voting, clearly-defined
release manager(s), and a JIRA ticket associated with their effort to
make it easy for folks to follow what's happening in the project.

For those that aren't already aware, the release planning wiki
consolidates all this info here:
-- I took some time this afternoon to update this info to the best of my
ability, feel free to make additional changes!



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