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From Dave Lester <>
Subject Last chance to apply for GSoC 2015 projects related to Mesos
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:28:00 GMT
The Apache Software Foundation was accepted as a mentoring organization
for Google Summer of Code 2015[1], and there are a great number of
potential projects for students to work on across the ASF (see a list of
all ASF GSoC 2015 project ideas[2]). Among them, several relate to
Apache Mesos[3] and Apache Aurora[4]; let’s see some summer interns
contributing to Mesos!

*The deadline for students to apply is 3/27/2015 at 19:00 UTC*; if
you’re interested in contributing I would suggest chiming-in on the
relevant JIRA issues, jumping in on the IRC channel, and potentially
making a contribution.

Proposed GSoC Projects:

*Implement Libprocess Benchmark Suite
* Proposed mentors: Ben
Mahler (@bmahler) Jie Yu (@jie_yu)

*Updating FrameworkInfo to handle when the framework scheduler restarts
* Proposed mentor: Vinod
Kone (@vinodkone)

*Enforce disk quota in Docker Containerizer* Proposed mentor:
Timothy Chen (@tnachen)

*Consider a C++ implementation of CoreOS AppContainer spec* Proposed mentor:
Timothy Chen (@tnachen)

*Interactive web-based Aurora CLI tutorial* Proposed Mentor:

Outreachy Program

Several of these projects may also be worked on as Outreachy[5] intern
projects, which Twitter is participating in once again. See the full
Twitter list of projects[6] for more information. Outreachy
internships are currently open to women (cis&trans), trans men,
genderqueer people, @AscendPr0ject grads. We’ve extended the deadline
for Outreachy until April 7th



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