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From Jie Yu <>
Subject Re: Kill the "internal" namespace
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2015 06:25:47 GMT
One benefit of having an internal namespace is that it tells the
framework/executor writer that those symbols/method/class are internal to
Mesos core and should not be used.

If we kill all the internal namespaces and move many headers like
isolator.hpp to include/mesos, how does the framework writer know that
he/she shouldn't use some of the headers because they are internal to Mesos
and are subject to change?

For modules, I am wondering can we separate Mesos public headers (in
include/mesos right now) from those headers that are only for building
modules (more like internal public headers).


- Jie

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 12:35 PM, Kapil Arya <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> TLDR: We currently use "mesos::internal" namespace for almost everything
> inside src/.  However, in most cases, it is directly enclosing another
> namespace.  This makes the "internal" namespace redundant and we should
> kill it.
> I learned from Ben Hindman that the original motivation for introducing an
> explicit internal namespace was to discourage people from exposing internal
> symbols through "extern", etc.  Since we don't seem to expose symbols
> through "extern" in our codebase, I think it's safe to kill this namespace.
> Here is a list of files that define classes directly in the mesos::internal
> namespace (i.e. without enclosing a separate namespace) [1]:
> authorizer/authorizer.hpp
> common/http.hpp
> common/attributes.hpp
> common/lock.hpp
> files/files.hpp
> hook/manager.hpp
> master/contender.hpp
> master/detector.hpp
> usage/usage.hpp
> watcher/whitelist_watcher.hpp
> messages/messages.pb.h
> Of the above list, things like hook/manager.hpp and
> master/{contender,detector}.hpp can be moved into their own namespaces.  I
> am sure, we can come up with a strategy for the rest as well.
> One possible concern here might be messages.proto and the effects on
> upgrades, etc., if we change the namespace/package for these protobufs.  If
> this turns out to be a real concern, we can possibly keep the internal
> namespace for messages.proto.
> If we kill the "internal" namespace altogether, it would make it much
> easier to expose some headers as public headers for modularization, etc..
> This will also help us get rid of "namespace internal" from some of the
> public headers that we already have.
> The motivation for killing the "internal" namespace comes from a
> patch-set[2] that tries to expose slave/containerizer/isolator.hpp as
> include/mesos/slave/isolator.hpp.  We wanted to keep Isolator inside the
> "mesos::slave" namespace instead of putting it  directly in the "mesos"
> namespace.  This change causes a lot of conflicts due to "mesos::slave" and
> "mesos::internal::slave" and we had to resort to using fully qualified
> names for a large number of definition in src/slave, src/tests, etc.
> Best,
> Kapil
> [1] List obtained by running the following command and then filtering out
> the instances where "internal" was enclosed in something other than
> "mesos":
>     grep -nr "} // namespace internal" * -B1 |grep -v
> "namespace\|\-\-\|\.cpp"|cut -d'-' -f1
> [2]

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