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From Tim St Clair <>
Subject F21 & Grand unified .spec - CentOS7
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2014 13:44:57 GMT

Because folks have been asking, I've been updating my spec here:
clone url: git://

My integration stream is:

I intend to push most patches back once I finish testing.  I still need to tackle the systemd
integration ( and there are some issues with
some of the new python CLI tools that I'm currently working on. 

At this point, I have builds for F21 & rawhide.  However, it would be bad form of me to
drag in some new dependencies into F20, so in my F20 packaging branch the spec will rebuild
once folks drag in the deps should they choose to rebuild.  

Also, I'm currently in flight on unifying the spec such that it can be rebuilt in mock on
CentOS7 should folks want to play, but I have no intention of supporting 6 at this time, but
I know others are interested. 

Please feel free to hit me up on irc, freenode #mesos if you have more questions. 

Timothy St. Clair
Principle Software Engineer 
CTO Office
Red Hat Inc.

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