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From "Bernardo Gomez Palacio" <>
Subject Re: Review Request 21044: [MESOS-1261]: Porting Protobuf shading to 0.17.x
Date Sat, 03 May 2014 00:48:57 GMT

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(Updated May 3, 2014, 12:48 a.m.)

Review request for mesos and Mesos ReviewBot.


typo on version.

Bugs: MESOS-1261

Repository: mesos-git


This commit adds support for protobuf shading to 0.17.0.

I ran into some trouble submitting this review and the result is a patch that bundles what
should really be three. The original intention was to base this patch on 1094c1baba95e2fce8ce76b8f46967774dde5a35:"Updated
the CHANGELOG for releasing 0.17.0." but I kept getting errors from RB. The solution, not
perfect, was to base this patch on c0527bb28b4e3c102112f46269bb594c1bfd1350:"Used interval
set to store holes and unlearned positions in replica." which went through RB (

All said this patch can be applied directly to 1094c1baba95e2fce8ce76b8f46967774dde5a35. I
would assume that a branch that targets 0.17.1 will be created and will include this patch.

This commit merges:

[MESOS-1252]: Support ENV MAVEN_HOME on the build.

The build now supports the `MAVEN_HOME` environment variable which is
used to resolve the `mvn` executable. If no `MAVEN_HOME` is specified we
will use the one available in the `PATH`.


Fixed distclean break during maven clean up.

The pom file gets cleaned up before clean-java runs, which calls maven
and fails. Solution is to just remove the target dir, which is what
maven does as well.

[PATCH] [MESOS-1259]: Enrich the Java Docs in the src/java files.

The Maven _package_ task will depends on the _javadoc:javadoc_ task. The
_javadoc_ task fails if there are _Classes_ which expose _public_ fields
or methods without proper _Java Documentation_. Note that by proper I am
referring to the structure that is validated by the _Javadoc Tool_.

In addition such documentation should facilitate the development of Java
based frameworks.

----- aa6ee45bc477dd81b6f0cb389ef9f16f8216d6df 
  src/ d58b46e99e0a041cf2a26abe44bbd1504a9539c0 
  src/examples/java/ 26617e23b9e820a48f9dd7f746cd8ee42693763c 
  src/examples/java/ 8b27a37ec23cab2145b46ed926cdf148e2fa2da0 
  src/examples/java/ bbdc1ed79c152dab0972bb4043126fa61c601435 
  src/examples/java/ eb8edf6ff5b93013c859b1ee93d427814ef4a2ba

  src/java/MESOS-MAVEN-README 2da664649092d5050352d5362938c57f05e52b86 
  src/java/ 8f9b747b2b737ae9c1b1cab7dc3d7d0555de8f1b 
  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 8f4eaeeea0f96927e67b746e506310555e0e9a05 
  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ cb14f38e9ffcc382b2bba8fb725b5a87f5f6f4f0

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ d27e4f9e226f1aa5588cf75cb8c0a117dbf3015d 
  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ ce146cdb33b3c80ea43866d304b3f1ff1a3e7c00

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 3fd1eb55468765cd9e9dceec53a653f6455000a3

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 55c4706c86ed68f13a9a33168381165900f7cfcf 
  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 6bca8799f2515d295cfeebf5ec6aab930f7c8b80

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/state/ dccb0ff0fa9f0e456e3ff2657520aee2ae2a7f5e

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/state/ bedb74b5aaafa7e2bb304f44e3bb972445edceca

  src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/state/ f3d939f73192d2cec470ca1a7ff35e7b0a9b93a6


Testing (updated)

1. ./bootstrap && mkdir build && cd build && ../configure &&
make && make check
2. Ensure the existence of 
3. do a `jar tvf build/src/java/target/mesos-0.17.0-shaded-protobuf.jar | grep protobuf |
grep .class` and you should see the protobuf classes inside the org.apache.mesos.protobuf


Bernardo Gomez Palacio

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