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From Jason Dusek <>
Subject Re: Docker Pluggable Containerizer
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 18:06:38 GMT
2014-02-18 12:10 GMT+00:00 Tom Arnfeld <>:
> I’ve been working the past few days on building a Pluggable
> Containerizer for Docker (I am aware the guys at Mesosphere
> are already doing this, but i’ve not seen anything shared and
> wanted to get started on testing mesos as I intend to use it).
> I’d very much appreciate if anyone involved in the new
> external/pluggable containerizer feature could take a few
> minutes to have a look and/or test it out!
> It’s on github with a getting-started readme:
> I’ve implemented it pretty blindly and the example
> containerizers don’t help too much as they’re pretty basic.
> Some documentation on what all of the different commands mean
> would go a long way with others users that want to implement
> their own containerizers, i’m sure.
> There are a few outstanding bits worth noting;
> - The `usage` stats don’t reflect the usage of the container
> - I’m not sure how this works with custom executors hosted on hdfs:// or s3n:// (needs
testing and documenting)
> - The `recover` method of the containerizer isn’t implemented
>   I’m not sure what this is for exactly… since the comments/docs are pretty sparse
> - The resource limits are not enforced on the container

We're opening up the code that we have today.

There are some things we do already -- like resource limitations
-- but we haven't finished standard error/out integration or
filesystem browsing (probably to be handled via a read-only
mount in to the sandbox).

Medea is different in that it is packaged with the mesos.proto
file and intended to be installable with setuptools/distutils.
As the interface between the containerizer and Mesos is all
protos over standard in/out, it is feasible to ship it as a true
Python package.

Please look forward to an implementation of `usage` later today.

Jason Dusek
pgp // solidsnack // C1EBC57DC55144F35460C8DF1FD4C6C1FED18A2B

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