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From " (Commented) (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (MESOS-113) Merge internal Twitter patches, eliminate internal Twitter repository.
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 20:05:38 GMT

] commented on MESOS-113:

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I've made a few more corrections to the patch, but I think it's almost complete. I'm going
to try and commit this by end-of-day.


    I'm going to swap this back, and add Andy's name back in the comment.

- Benjamin

On 2012-01-11 01:43:22, Benjamin Hindman wrote:
bq.  -----------------------------------------------------------
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bq.  -----------------------------------------------------------
bq.  (Updated 2012-01-11 01:43:22)
bq.  Review request for mesos, Andy Konwinski, Matei Zaharia, John Sirois, and Vinod Kone.
bq.  Summary
bq.  -------
bq.  This is the remaining internal Twitter code that is getting pushed out so the repositories
are in sync. After this all development will be done via Apache.
bq.  **** I expect that there will be some conflicts and I'll be needing to pull certain things
from the Apache repo to make things sane ... more eyes the better! ****
bq.  This addresses bug MESOS-113.
bq.  Diffs
bq.  -----
bq. f6b6a01 
bq.    include/mesos/executor.hpp d883f1a 
bq.    include/mesos/mesos.proto 77a9067 
bq.    src/ 516f128 
bq.    src/common/attributes.hpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/common/attributes.cpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/common/cache.hpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/common/json.hpp fc6b45f 
bq.    src/common/lambda.hpp 0fc81c5 
bq.    src/common/multihashmap.hpp 43c535d 
bq.    src/common/process_utils.hpp 8e55d76 
bq.    src/common/resources.hpp 58c91f4 
bq.    src/common/resources.cpp 5afd134 
bq.    src/common/seconds.hpp ade6fc9 
bq.    src/common/strings.hpp 09a367d 
bq.    src/common/timer.hpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/common/try.hpp d75c624 
bq.    src/common/utils.hpp 5ad3585 
bq.    src/common/utils.cpp 572f04c 
bq.    src/common/uuid.hpp 230aa21 
bq.    src/common/values.hpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/common/values.cpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/configurator/configuration.hpp 7addfa4 
bq.    src/detector/detector.cpp ef4aff7 
bq.    src/examples/cpp_test_framework.cpp ab02805 
bq.    src/examples/java/ ba39757 
bq.    src/examples/java/ e40a8c8 
bq.    src/examples/java/ e1b6032 
bq.    src/examples/java/ a49ecbb 
bq.    src/examples/long_lived_framework.cpp 4003e47 
bq.    src/examples/memhog.cpp 339d238 
bq.    src/examples/python/ e6893cf 
bq.    src/examples/scheduled_memhog.cpp 5d01aef 
bq.    src/exec/exec.cpp b27c241 
bq.    src/java/jni/org_apache_mesos_Log.cpp fc056ad 
bq.    src/java/jni/org_apache_mesos_MesosExecutorDriver.cpp 87258f6 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 5ad8cee 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ be01d21 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ b794714 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 399c8b8 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 04809a6 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 63a06fe 
bq.    src/java/src/org/apache/mesos/ 23a246c 
bq.    src/log/cache.hpp 7d19c5d 
bq.    src/log/coordinator.hpp 5ee44d2 
bq.    src/log/coordinator.cpp d05538d 
bq.    src/log/log.hpp e50969b 
bq.    src/log/log.cpp 7386a9d 
bq.    src/log/main.cpp 4162db5 
bq.    src/log/network.hpp c88822c 
bq.    src/log/replica.hpp a4cdf84 
bq.    src/log/replica.cpp e60f4df 
bq.    src/master/constants.hpp f3cbe84 
bq.    src/master/frameworks_manager.hpp bf97d5f 
bq.    src/master/frameworks_manager.cpp 30fa325 
bq.    src/master/http.hpp 30ab1ff 
bq.    src/master/http.cpp 8937fee 
bq.    src/master/master.hpp 6514c56 
bq.    src/master/master.cpp 68aea40 
bq.    src/master/simple_allocator.cpp 28d8186 
bq.    src/messages/log.hpp 24f8cc8 
bq.    src/messages/log.proto c88153c 
bq.    src/messages/messages.proto a9cbcdc 
bq.    src/python/native/mesos_executor_driver_impl.hpp 4fed126 
bq.    src/python/native/mesos_executor_driver_impl.cpp ed4aaa5 
bq.    src/python/src/ 5fc60e2 
bq.    src/sched/sched.cpp 7f4e980 
bq.    src/slave/constants.hpp 489640b 
bq.    src/slave/http.hpp 0b2930a 
bq.    src/slave/http.cpp 18efd8c 
bq.    src/slave/lxc_isolation_module.cpp ab0843a 
bq.    src/slave/slave.hpp 37bbd8c 
bq.    src/slave/slave.cpp 665ab7f 
bq.    src/tests/ ea943f7 
bq.    src/tests/attributes_test.cpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/tests/base_zookeeper_test.hpp e7bb7ed 
bq.    src/tests/base_zookeeper_test.cpp 202b66b 
bq.    src/tests/exception_tests.cpp 62f4fb6 
bq.    src/tests/fault_tolerance_tests.cpp ebb7709 
bq.    src/tests/jvm.hpp 5dfa617 
bq.    src/tests/jvm.cpp 78993b3 
bq.    src/tests/killtree_tests.cpp af19a3a 
bq.    src/tests/log_tests.cpp c6bbdd1 
bq.    src/tests/master_tests.cpp a1f5007 
bq.    src/tests/multihashmap_tests.cpp e84e4eb 
bq.    src/tests/process_spawn.cpp 8b5fab4 
bq.    src/tests/protobuf_io_tests.cpp 52aec0d 
bq.    src/tests/resource_offers_tests.cpp 8e1061e 
bq.    src/tests/resources_tests.cpp 11366c6 
bq.    src/tests/strings_tests.cpp 7e4bb69 
bq.    src/tests/url_processor_tests.cpp 0614670 
bq.    src/tests/utils.hpp 65ce4df 
bq.    src/tests/utils_tests.cpp 0083f38 
bq.    src/tests/values_tests.cpp PRE-CREATION 
bq.    src/tests/zookeeper_server.hpp cac9f0d 
bq.    src/tests/zookeeper_server.cpp 3927785 
bq.    src/tests/zookeeper_server_tests.cpp 2a21030 
bq.    src/tests/zookeeper_tests.cpp 0c68a88 
bq.    src/webui/master/framework.tpl fb2077d 
bq.    src/webui/static/stylesheet.css 5b2d9fd 
bq.    src/zookeeper/zookeeper.hpp a58685e 
bq.    src/zookeeper/zookeeper.cpp c1aa827 
bq.  Diff:
bq.  Testing
bq.  -------
bq.  ./bin/tests/all-tests
bq.  Thanks,
bq.  Benjamin

> Merge internal Twitter patches, eliminate internal Twitter repository.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: MESOS-113
>                 URL:
>             Project: Mesos
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>            Reporter: Benjamin Hindman
>            Assignee: Benjamin Hindman

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