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From delbd <>
Subject registering Wagon with 1.0-beta2
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 19:03:13 GMT

I have trouble getting my custom wagon protocol to be registered to 
wagon provider. I am using 1.0-beta-2 api because that's the one 
embedded in maven 2, and i aim to get it used by a maven project.

I created a class that extends AbstractWagon, and i create 
src/main/ressources/META-INF/plexus/components.xml that has the 
following content


I also added a static block in class with a "System.out.println" and a 
"Thread.dumpStack()" to get hint on classloading

My static block proves that plexus is loading my class during 
exploration, so i suppose it takes properly into account my components.xml
However, when it comes tu using the wagon, i get this:

[WARNING] repository metadata for: 'snapshot 
net.sf:sfDeployementTest:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT' could not be retrieved from 
repository: testSf due to an error: Unsupported Protocol: 'sf': Cannot 
find wagon which supports the requested protocol: sf
[INFO] Repository 'testSf' will be blacklisted

I know that rc-1-SNAPSHOT does all that registering automaticaly, but i 
need to work with 1.0-beta-2 provider api

Running mvn deploy with -X argument give no usefull information either :/

Help welcomed, this block my tests :)

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