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From Joakim Erdfelt <>
Subject Re: Plans for Wagon-1.0 final release?
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 14:50:53 GMT
Just so that we have "Joakim's plans" documented here ....

Wagon Ideas.

   1. Add Timeouts.
      Question becomes, how do we configure this value?
      Per Protocol? or Per Repository?
      Do we use the <server><configuration> section in the settings.xml?
   2. Add Client Header Identification.
      This would only be useful on some protocols (such as http / dav),
      but completely irrelevant on others.
      Jason could use this to track the uptake of specific versions of
      maven on the side.
      If we decide to do this for http, we can make it be a separate
      request header, or a modification of the USER-AGENT string.
   3. Streaming Wagons.
   4. Limited Wagon Transactions.
      This becomes a problem when we have a deploy that modifies the
   5. Deprecation of repository id / server id as the authentication
      binding mechanism.
      Use what precisely to bind to?
         1. hostname
         2. hostname:port
         3. protocol://hostname:port
         4. regex of any of the above
         5. all of the above
   6. Whitelists on repositories in pom.xml, based on groupId.  (don't
      bother searching this repository if the groupId doesn't match). 
      This should help optimize the repository searching.  It's just a
      piece of build optimization, anyone consuming the pom could just
      as well ignore this optimization with no ill effects.
   7. Password Encryption in the settings.xml

I welcome discussion.
Big +1 or -1 on any concept above.

And I realize that the concepts above are not wagon exclusive, but
rather overlap with maven 2.1 too.

- Joakim

Trygve Laugstøl wrote:
> John Casey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just committed some changes to trunk that should restore backward
>> compatibility for using older wagons (at least in the vast majority of
>> cases). It may still break if there is an older version of a wagon
>> out there
>> that doesn't extend from AbstractWagon (since the Wagon interface
>> picked up
>> like 5 new methods lately).
>> Can we start talking about a Wagon 1.0-final release? What do we need
>> to get
>> this done? It looks like the current roadmap only shows 3 outstanding
>> issues
>> for the next release. Does anyone have plans for finishing those, and
>> are
>> they enough to serve as a basis for a final release?
>> I'm just trying to figure out what plans there are for this, since
>> I'd like
>> to move toward a 2.1-alpha-1 release of maven, and this is going to be a
>> prereq.
> I say release what Wagon is now as 1.0 (in other words no API
> breakage) and put Joakim's plans into Wagon 2.0.
> -- 
> Trygve
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