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From Joakim Erdfelt <>
Subject [vote] release wagon api and providers
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 21:57:03 GMT
In preparation for maven 2.1 and maven-project-info-reports-plugin.

I'd like to see wagon api 1.0-beta-2 released.
And all of the providers based on it.

That would mean the following releases.

 1) wagon-provider-api     1.0-beta-2
 2) wagon-provider-test    1.0-beta-2
 3) wagon-file             1.0-beta-2
 4) wagon-ftp              1.0-beta-2
 5) wagon-http-lightweight 1.0-beta-2
 6) wagon-http             1.0-beta-2
 7) wagon-http-shared      1.0-beta-2
 8) wagon-ssh-external     1.0-beta-2
 9) wagon-ssh-common       1.0-beta-2
10) wagon-ssh-common-test  1.0-beta-2
11) wagon-ssh              1.0-beta-2
12) wagon-ssh-ganymed      1.0-beta-2
13) wagon-webdav           1.0-beta-2 (already has vote called against it)

NOTE: The wagon-provider-api has changed for 1.0-beta-2
      maven-project-info-reports-plugin makes use of this API to
      present a status of where each dependency currently lives
      based on defined repositories in the project poms.

The release of wagon 1.0-beta-2 would bring us one step closer to
doing a release of maven-project-info-reports-plugin

- Joakim

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