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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject Re: wagon changes
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 21:50:44 GMT
Brett Porter wrote

>> That was the original point I made, so I'm glad that's cleared up. 
>> What I said was:
> "I understand that it is repository independant transport mechanism. I 
> don't see why the last-modified, if supported, would not be part of 
> wagon as it is part of the transport mechanism. Is this right?"
> I need to clear up what I mean by Last-Modified: I mean where you are 
> using the physical representation of the file to obtain it (an HTTP 
> header, a file timestamp), where it is supported. I understand you 
> want to put that information into the repository instead, but I think 
> it is still useful to be able to determine it from the transport, 
> especially if we want to support repositories without htis metadata 
> currently.
> Maybe its just timestamp and length, so we can add "getIfNewer" and 
> "putIfNewer" to Wagon and be done with it?


I don't think that "putIfNewer" really makes sense as we don't use. Do 
we have a use case when it can be useful?

"getIfNewer" - I am not 100% sure if we can implement it in reliable 
way. I still have some doubts regarding
the way in which timezone offset is handled in m1 and note that http 
protocol is still better in this domain
then for example ftp. The problem is that we will be often  getting the 
date of the last modification
based on the time zone where the server is running. We must know what is 
the time zone of the server to
make the necessery calucations or the server must take care of it.
The next problem with this aproch is that once the file is in local 
repository the information
when file was created is lost. We only know when it was "touched" 
locally for the last time.

The next question (in fact it should be the first one) is if we really 
are able to implement  this functionality
(assuming that we forget about timezones ans stuff like that). It seems 
to me that it probably is doable.
I will investigate this. Say it can be done - so it means that we have 
transport independent way of
obtaing "last-modified" flag. Maybe it will be better to have something 

Timestamp (or String)    Wagon.getLastModified( String resource ) and 
put logic which must be incorporated into getIfNewer
into maven-artifact?


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