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Subject Re: publishing artifacts with PUT
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:56:34 GMT
> Hi,
> I implemented a deployers that does a PUT but I think by default the
> webserver assumes that a resource already exists at the location you are
> requesting to put the artifact.
> I am using Jetty for testing and it is easy to actually subclass Jetty's
> standard resource handler to do a little work in creating the specified
> directory structure before deploying the the artifact to the specified
> server.
> I think it would be useful if you could use wagon to deploy artifacts
> using PUT and have the directories be created. I'm going to make a
> little tool called Meeper for the Maven book which is a little repo
> manager of sorts and we could definitely a modified Jetty resource
> handler so that PUT could be used in much the same way the scp deployers
> work in maven 1.0.
> Any thoughts?

Sounds good. We might altenativly develop tiny web application with one servlet which will
support uploading. But this what you want to do is just more then sufficient at the moment.

> I'm going to push in the my changed code later today or tomorrow. I have
> http get/put working, ftp get/put working, and I'm going to get the scp
> stuff to work with private keys and then I'll push everything in.
Fine! I just notice (you probably also did) that I am using quite prehistoric version of JSCH.
Dunno what was improved in newer versions. I had some problems to use scp/sftp with private
keys but honsetly I didn't spend much time trying to solve this issue (I suppose that I was
using ssh1 when I had to use ssh2)


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