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From "Emmanuel Venisse" <>
Subject Re: import
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 17:03:27 GMT
Just a little feedback for windows :

The verify package name in
wagon-api/src/test/java/org/apache/maven/wagon/artifact, you write verifiy
=> Tests doesn't compile

FTP tests failed.

SSH tests failed because my .ssh directory isn't in my user.home. With
cygwin, we can define a user home directory that can be different of windows
user home directory. If I copy my .ssh directory in the correct location,
all works fine.
I suppose that ssh build is ok if I run it in cygwin.


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From: "Jason van Zyl" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 5:01 PM
Subject: Re: import

> On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 18:28, Jason van Zyl wrote:
> > Howdy,
> >
> > I'm going to re-import wagon and all the providers tonight some time so
> > just a heads up.
> Ok, I'm done the first round and have imported the sources for wagon.
> I'm still working on the test but here's a summary of what I've done so
> far:
> o Introduced the notions of artifacts and repositories, I'm going to use
> Wagon wholly as the artifact/repository layer in Maven. Maven will have
> its own type of artifact, and possibly repositories, but simple adapters
> can be made.
> o There is a WagonTestCase which all the wagon providers now use in
> order to test a simple:
> put( source, artifact );
> get( artifact, destination );
> compare( source, destination );
> So this is assuming that the wagon has connected to a repository, I take
> an input source file which is the POM for the provider being tested, the
> artifact describes where it is to be placed in the repository the wagon
> is connected to. Then I get the test artifact that was just placed in
> the test repository and it is copied to a temp location. Then a simple
> comparison is performed to make sure the content is the same.
> o Currently all the tests work, but the only one that won't work for
> people is the ftp test as I haven't set the test up with ibiblio and I
> don't have an embedded ftp server that quite works yet. So I'll figure
> something else out for that today.
> o I incorporated the File wagon in the wagon-api as it is so basic and
> is very useful for testing.
> o The http wagon uses an embedded http server that uses Jetty. The
> embedded server is just a plexus component.
> o The SCP wagon test looks for private keys in ~/.ssh and I have only
> tested this on linux. I'm not sure how this works on windows. The code
> that actually looks for the private key is in the scp wagon test and
> this could probably be moved into the Wagon itself. Again, I'm just not
> sure how this works on Windows so I'm not sure what's best. The SCP
> tests should work for the couple people on this list and they assume you
> have access to ibiblio via ssh. We can probably make a test server which
> is accessible but a connection to ibibilio is what is assumed right now.
> o There is a general interface for a wagon and it will be expanded.
> Currently is deals with the putting and getting of files to
> repositories. But I will add back the movement of just files and the
> movement of artifacts between repositories. So currently there is:
> put( source, artifact );
> get( artifact, destination );
> But it will shortly be expanded to:
> put( repository, artifact );
> get( artifact, repository );
> Which is putting an artifact into a repository where the artifact is
> coming from the repository the wagon is connected to and getting an
> artifact and placing it into the repository the wagon is connected to.
> In addition we'll add some simple methods to move files around.
> o I am going to incorporate the notion of checksum verification into
> Wagon proper. I'll probably allow it to be turned on/off. Currently
> there are algos for md5 and sha1. I'll probably hook those in today.
> So what I'm hoping is to get the ftp wagon test working in a general
> way, expand the api, provide a nice facade to hide plexus, and created a
> bigger comprehensive test case involving all supported wagons and do
> some doco and then I think we would be ready for a 0.9 release. This
> would be a first alpha release which is fully functional but basically
> we need a bit of feedback to codify the API. But I don't think we're far
> off. Anyway, that's it for now.
> -- 
> jvz.
> Jason van Zyl
> happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will
> elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come
> and sit softly on your shoulder ...
>  -- Thoreau
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