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From Kyle Marek <>
Subject Re: Usage of dependency-reduced-pom.xml from maven-shade-plugin in a multi-module/reactor project
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019 00:26:25 GMT
Building the shaded module separately was my workaround for a few days.
My current workaround is to specify the intra-module dependency in my
parent pom under dependencyManagement with a list of exclusions for the
artifacts I am shading into it. Effectively I am manually "reducing" the
dependency set of the shaded module as seen from within the multi-module

However, I think it might be best for Maven to (re-)allow the set of
dependencies listed to reduce after build due to plugins like
maven-shade-plugin. While needing to shade in general is not ideal,
needing to build the module outside of the reactor in addition to
shading is less ideal, especially in a larger project where it may need
to be ordered between other modules to successfully build.


On 3/18/19 5:12 PM, Francois MAROT wrote:
> Hi Nikki,
> Regarding your question, I'm not sure of what is a "reactor of reactor"...
> by 2 separate "projects" I mean 2 different build. Hence 2 different
> "reactor".
> As I understand it, the reactor is the sum of all Maven modules
> participating in the build. Usually in the case of a multi-modules Maven
> project, you start the build from the top level module, and all your modules
> are part of the same rector. Part of the same build.
> I personally like to have one git repository per multi-module Maven project
> so we have:
> 1 git repo --> containing one multi-modules Maven project ⊃ composed of many
> modules == one build == one reactor
> What is sure is that for the shade plugin to work, you have to make Maven
> builds depending on the shaded artifact find this artifact stored in a repo
> (whether local or remote) and not reference it as a module inside the
> reactor (ie part of the same build).
> I hope it helps !

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