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From "USHAKOV, Sergey" <>
Subject Javadoc Plugin : streamline dealing with 'package-list' files for external dependencies
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 09:28:05 GMT
Hi all,

it does not look uncommon, when writing a library that has external 
dependencies, to include links to these dependencies' objects into the 

The critical point for creation of links to external objects is a 
'package-list' file that describes the external dependency.

It is no problem to get everything working if internet connection is 
always available. In that case the javadoc plugin can just follow the 
links provided by 'links' / 'link' / 'url' elements, and it does that 

Meanwhile the only approach that allowed me to get 'offlineLinks' 
working was to download a 'package-list' for each external dependency 
individually and to point to that local 'package-list' copy via 
'offlineLinks' / 'offlineLink' / 'location' element.

This does not look really handy, as requires manual operations with 
'package-list' files, placing them somewhere in the project, and all 
that with 'package-list' files already available in the local repository 
inside relevant javadoc bundles for the dependencies.

Hope there should be some approach available to avoid explicit dealing 
with 'package-list' files and to use what is available already.

Can anyone recommend the right approach please?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Sergey Ushakov

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